Putting ABILITY in
Sustainability and Profitability

At IMC Solar, we bring together the people and resources to DevelopFinanceBuild, and Operate solar facilities across the United States.

You don’t have to choose between making the planet cleaner and making money… you can do both. Sustainable (“green”) practices in a company don’t just help the planet; they can help a company’s bottom line. In many cases, it’s no longer a choice between the low cost model and the sustainable model, because the two are one in the same.

EV Charging

A Diverse Network of Experienced Professionals, a network of solar pioneers, investors, financiers, energy attorneys, developers, engineers, and business professionals.



Reduced Operating Costs

Solar power systems will reduce or eventually eliminate your company’s electric bill.

Great Return on Investment

The federal government provides a tax credit (a credit against income tax owed) worth 26% of the installed cost of an energy system.

Maintenance-Free & Reliable

Once installed, a solar power system requires little or no maintenance at all.